General Cervid Livestock Operations


Bio: Mr. Josh Newton

Since a young age Josh has spent his days outside enjoying all that nature has to offer. Whether it be fishing, hunting or trapping his connection with Mother Nature has always been apparent. In 1999 a dream became a reality by chance when visiting with his uncle at his deer farm. Josh saw what a deer farm was for the first time and he was hooked from then on. That day was the birth of a Cervid livestock operator. In the coming years he honed his craft and in 2006 accepted the position as Operations Manager at Red Ridge Whitetails.

This new position offered many challenges and learning experiences that still impact his work and development to this day. He continues to manage Red Ridge Whitetails and is now the Chief Operations Officer for Cervid Solutions, LCC. Over 22 years later, and lots of hands-on experience, he is able to share his knowledge of these years with clients through-out North America.