RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! My friends in the south, Texas and Oklahoma and other parts find some high ground. I do hope you all are staying safe.

Red Ridge Whitetails – Our first fawn was born here May 8th! Nice.

– Triplets could be a good indication of herd health

-Fawn Shelters and some ideas that work. Here is the link to our video of the “Hay House”

– Cold weather and small fawns;

-C&E Energy Pack

-Heating pads, Blankets, Heat Lamps

-How to make the ultimate fawn warmer, Steamed towels?

-Vitamin B, Dextrose, Fluids


-Red Ridge Whitetails, The testing grounds for Cervid Solutions and its protocols

-Blood testing for passive transfer

-Planing Ahead and the short list of things you should have on hand today for fawning.

-Baby enema, Fawn Paste, Horse vet wrap, Gauze rolls, PVC custom splints

-Tube Feeder ( How to tube feed a fawn video coming)

– Dextrose 50% solution, Lactated Ringers, IV set

-Medication that are effective for certain things, email for list

-Electro-lytes, C&E Elctro-lyte, Diaque

-Prichard nipples, Glass ginger ale bottles

– Disinfectants, Bleach is ok, Tek-trol is best

-Beach towels, baby wipes, wood shavings (course and fine)

-Portable dog carriers

-Heat lamps

-Cattle breeding gloves

-Disposable scalpels, needle kits

– Syringes, Needles 20 gauge and 22 gauge


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Product of the Week- Cervid Solutions, Pneu-Vac2- Dartable low dose Pneumonia Vaccine