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North American Deer Talk cranks out another great show with returning Professor from Texas A&M, and renowned Chronic Wasting Disease expert Dr. Christopher Seabury. “Doc” drops a brand new G3 Journal Peer -reviewed paper on CWD Genomics by enviroment. Document will be linked below. This paper highlights new findings in the CWD genomic predictive space and provides for extensive amplification to the “CWD-GPS” platform.

Additionally, Host of NADT Josh Newton asks Dr. Seabury about a recent article published by NDA (National Deer Association), his comments are measured and he sites a written response to the author and contributors of the article of which he has not received a reply. (written response linked below) PointByPoint2022_NADT

Dr. Seabury is a wealth of knowledge on CWD genetics and provides a technology which is revolutionizing the way whitetail deer management of CWD is implemented in the USA.

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