Electronic Notification System (ENS) with Auto Refill

The ENS with Auto Refill is design to help manage inventory of your autogenous vaccine supply whether Pneu-Vac2 or Eco-Vac. It works in conjunction with the Herd Management System and notifies you and Cervid Solutions when inventories are low. The Auto Refill feature calculates the number of doses needed for the members’ next booster and ships directly to you, without the hassle of a reorder!

The ENS also helps with forcasting orders, because of the unique manufacturing process of autogenous vaccines they can take upward of 12 weeks to manufacture. The ENS generates orders from the system of members and pre-orders. What that means is as a Member of the Cervid Solutions program you have preferred status on your Vaccine Service package refill. Additionally, forecasting enables Cervid Solutions to deliver a reduced cost autogenous vaccine to your operation quickly.