We’ve been using PV2 cervid vaccine for years now.   We’ve been very happy with the health of our herd, as well as the health of our fawns.  While mortality is never 100% eliminated, we feel that PV2 is helping to elevate our whitetail herds’ health to an overall higher level, which is our number one priority.  For years, at the direction of Josh Newton, Cervid Solutions, we vaccinated all of our pregnant doe prior to fawning.  We really liked the idea of the antibodies being in the fawns at birth.  The service and support we have received from the Cervid Solutions team has been very professional, expedient, and ultimately, extremely helpful.  We highly recommend you give Josh a call to discuss this product.

GDR Whitetails


The Life Cycles Program

Changing the mindset of Cervid Livestock owner and how operational health management is changing. The development of The Life Cycles Program has taken place for more than 15 years. During this time and only through the experience and practical application of animal husbandry techniques, was this achieved.

Cervid Solutions has engineered our cutting edge Life Cycles Program with you the member in mind. The program we provide is in-depth, professionally developed and available as part of our Cervid Membership Program. It consists of three primary technologies.